I am looking for someone to try this link:


It is just one of the home businesses that we own. The start-up cost for this business is usually a one-time $18, but we are trying the Pay It Forward option to see if it really works. Don't worry, you never have to pay anything again.

In addition to filling out everything on that site, you have to check 3 things.
#1 Check Yes, I verify Frank Hosselkus (hosselkusf) is my inviter.
#2 Check I'm not a robot
#3 Check Yes, please add Financial Literacy - 1 Understanding Precious Metals Investments to my order and auto purchase the remaining 5 course levels as I earn sufficient commissions.

The financial books are what make this legal and it is how everyone earns an income. You don't pay for these. It comes out of your business commissions. And since I am paying the up-front $18 for you, your first financial literacy book for $10 comes out of that $18 that I am paying. So FREE, FREE, FREE.

Just please, if you are not interested in a business, please do not start this business. I only want to see if the link actually works and hopefully add people to our team that want to become successful.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us link at the top.

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Have a great day!