Every once in a while we offer a few FREE businesses to people around the world.  Don't wait, we only have a few each month.  Click this LINK to open our page in a new window so you don't lose it.

NOTE: Do not click the timer.

What do you have to do once you start this free business?  Share the business with as many people as you can.  There are no sales quotas and there are no sponsoring quotas. 

You really don't have to do anything, but if you don't do anything, you shouldn't expect any income.

You'll have the business for FREE, you just need to work it if you want something out of it.  Why not?  It is FREE.

The normal cost for this business is a one-time $18.00 USD, but we may have a few positions right now we are giving away for FREE.  That means it will say $0.00 at the bottom of the signup page.

Don't worry, this is not a spam thing either.  I have been partnered with 4 Corners for over 3 years and I rarely receive emails from them.  Most of their communications are on their website when you log in.

If you visit the site and there are no FREE positions available, please bookmark this page and come back later. 

If you do join us in business for only $18.00 USD, remember this is a one-time payment.  There is never an out-of-pocket cost again.  And at only $18.00 USD, this is one of the most inexpensive businesses on the market.

When you get to the signup page, in addition to filling out all the required information on the site, you have to check 3 things:

#1 Check Yes, I verify Frank Hosselkus (hosselkusf) is my inviter.
#2 Check I'm not a robot
#3 Check Yes, please add Financial Literacy - 1 Understanding Precious Metals Investments to my order and auto purchase the remaining 5 course levels as I earn sufficient commissions.

Ensure you check all three boxes above.  This will ensure your business is started the right way.  The purchasing of the financial literacy books keeps this business legal.  We all want legal right?  You never buy the financial literacy books with money from your pocket, the money comes from your earnings. 

Four Corners is licensed to do business in all 50 states and is most countries around the world.  The FAQ on the main Four Corners Page covers which countries this is NOT open in.

You can also see the business license here.

A little more on the financial books.  These are how everyone earns an income.  In a business, you have to have a product or service or the Federal Trade Commission will step in and shut the business down because of being a pyramid scheme.  The financial literacy books keep us legal.  There are a total of six financial books. 

Just please, if you are not interested in a business, please do not start this business. I only want to share the business with people who want to become successful.

Ready for the site?


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us link at the top.

Have a great day!
Nellie and Frank