We are offering a FREE business. Please do not join this if you are not going to anything. If you join and do not build the business, then you are wasting my money and wasting our time. Please don't waste my money and our time. Please only join if you are going to work the business.

We only have about 5 free positions. If you are ready, click on the Free Business link below and fill out the form.

Free Business

This page has information about the amazingly inexpensive and easy home business, Four Courners Alliance Group.

You can start this business for only $18 USD OR........ are you ready....

We pay for a few people per month to start for FREE! WE PAY YOUR $18!

But there is a catch. You have to promise that you are going to work the business. You have to promise that you are not going to take this free business and do nothing. Please do something with this business.

We can only afford a few free businesses per month. First come first serve. If we don't get to you this month, you will be in line for the next month or the following month, depending on how many people are in line in front of you.

If you want a free business, fill out the form below.

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If you are not interested in starting for free, read below about the busienss and join us for only $18!!

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Enroll here:  www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/?a=hosselkusf

Looking for more information?

Think about it this way.  When was the last time you purchased something for about $20.  How long did it last?  Did it make you any money?  Was there a chance for it to make you any money?

I bought small tray and a big tray of sushi at the store the other day.  Actually, it was more than $20 because I bought a soda.  I could try to sell it, but chances are that purchase had zero chance of earning me any money.  Zero.  It last about 15 minutes while I was eating it.  That $20 something was gone for ever.

Same thing for a Blu-Ray disk I bought last week.  Yes, I am one of "those" people who buy them from time to time when I or the wife wants to keep the movie.  I could probably sell the Blu-Ray for about $5 to a pawn shop if it was a good movie, but beyond getting a few bucks back, there would be zero chance of me actually MAKING money from it.

With 4 Corners, you don't have a zero chance of making money for a simple $18.  Even though there is no sponsoring required, when/if you sponsor your first five people, you would earn $20.

Understand though that the way the business model is designed and how you would earn an income is by the auto purchases.  There are six of them.  Your first one happens when you start.  Out of that $18, $10 goes towards your first financial literacy book.  As you earn, when you reach $10, your second financial book is automatically purchased.  Which means when you sponsored your fifth person, you would not have $20 in your account balance, you would actually have $10.

As your first four sponsored people begin to sponsor, your earnings will increase and when you reach $25, your third financial book will be automatically purchased.

You may be asking what's up with the financial literacy books?  These are great books to help with all types of finances.  Secondly, and maybe more importantly, these are what keep 4 Corners legal and how we all earn.

Out of all 5000+ available positions within your matrix, you will earn a commission on each one, one time.  Depending on where they are in your matrix, depends on how much commission you earn.

For example, for the people in your first level, you earn when they auto purchase their first book.  Second level, second book, third-third, fourth-fourth and so on for six levels.

This is commission break down:

First level - $4
Second level - $4
Third level - $10
Forth level - $24
Fifth level - $60
Sixth level - $120

When you see the compensation plan, you will see that 4096 people fit in your sixth level.  As those people reach their sixth book, you will earn $120 for each of them.  Yes, that is big.

Once your entire matrix has reached all the perspective books, you will earn a total of $559,824.

BUT, there is always a but, right?  You can earn more.  More?  Yes, more.  The BIG money is in sponsoring.  Did you know that you earn 100% matching bonuses on the commissions that your personally sponsored earn?  Mathematically speaking, if you personally sponsor everyone in your matrix, which is over 5000 people, you would earn $559,824 when each of their matrix's are complete.  $559k x 5000.

That would take years though.  So before you count your chickens, the first step is to start.  The next step is to get your four.  That is our motto - Get 4!  If everyone gets their four, this works.  If people just join and do nothing, well, it will die.  So it is in your best interest to sponsor more than four so you earn the 100% matching on each.

See how amazing an $18 purchase could be?

Are you ready to get started now?